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Church od Our Lady of Sorrows

The first records of the church of Mary on the hill date back to 1350. At that time the place was called "Our Lady under the Karst."

Since the church was very small, in years 1862-1866, the local priest Eleršič built a new one of present size with the donations of pilgrims and devoted it to Our Lady of Sorrows. During World War I the church was completely destroyed. Between 1924 and 1931 priest Pahor provided to the erection of the new one designed by the architect Umberto Cuzzi. However, World War II saw it severely damaged once again. The restoration began in 1955 and the church was consecrated on 13 July 1986.


The church is one of the largest in the Diocese of Koper. It was built in the Romanesque style on a basilical plan. The main altar was designed by the architect Ivan Vurnik and it was completed in 1963 by Tone Kralj. The statue of Our Lady of Sorrows above the main altar and the paintings are also Kralj’s work. The lunettes of the side naves depict the Way of the Cross and the clerestory walls the Mysteries of the Rosary. The confessional under the choir was designed by the architect Boris Podrecca in 2005. The facade of the church bears a glass-made outline of Our Lady of Sorrows by Oskar Kogoj. The church tower on the right side boasts four bells, which were consecrated on 12 October 1987.